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Sarah deCourcy is a multi-award winning British Composer, Producer & Musician.

Her credits include Sci-fi drama ‘LX2048’ Amazon Prime  film , Far Cry 6 ‘Lost between Worlds’ Ubisoft Game, feature film & Toronto Film festival winner ‘MurMur’,  Multi festival winning ‘Bury me in Armor’. Sarah also scored music for Limited series ‘Monumental Women’ on Hulu 'Women on Death Row' and Thriller feature films ‘My House’ on Apple Tv and 'A Neighbors Vendetta' 'Murder City' 

Sarah is also the first woman to score music for the Far Cry Ubisoft Game Franchise. 

An accomplished concert pianist and multi instrumentalist her musical journey began at the age of 3 with several soloist piano concerto and solo performances & tours in UK & Europe by the age of 14 and lead violinist of a Youth Orchestra in the UK..

Sarah was awarded  Best young Composer and Best Young Musician which further awarded her a bursary to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London UK as a Classical pianist and Composer.

Sarah is known for her Melodically emotional and experimentally hybrid sound. Her love of Orchestral music and instruments combined with the sound experimentation of Synthesizers and percussion. 

Among other recognition Sarah has also been awarded Double Platinum album awards and Gold album awards with

7 number 1 records and several top 5 global releases as a writer producer. Sarah has also Musical Directed Artists

World tours for Kylie Minogue, Little Mix, Christophe Willem and more.

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